Monday, July 11, 2005

Chronicles of my cross - The Human Spirit

A few months after I came back from Germany, I was called to another front of the Global War on Terrorism. One that not many people are aware of, one that the mainstream media tends to neglect.

Colombia is a beautiful country, with tall green mountains, and lush farmland. But they have a problem; they have a civil war that has been raging for at least a generation. Over time wars change and interests and tactics change. At first the Rebels were Communist, funded by Russia. When the Soviet Union fell, the Rebels turned to the Cartels for help, and they got into the drug trade. Eventually however the will of the Colombian people started to win out, so the rebels once again changed tactics, and started to use guerrilla tactics and terrorism as tools. So now we are there, assisting the Colombians in their fight to stem the flow of drugs and to combat terrorism.

What I was impressed by in Colombia however, were the people. They are resilient, they have faith and hope. Every Sunday the little makeshift church next to the runway was full. They prayed together and celebrated life, even though they have little to celebrate. They hope and pray everyday that they will once again see peace, all the while knowing that any some of them may not come home that night.

I saw their hope and their faith, that was so strong, and it gave me hope. It showed me that with faith, anything could be endured, and hopefully one day, we will also know peace from the scourge we now face. With faith, anything is possible.