Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Crosses aCross America

We are a non-demoninational group that is dedicated to promoting faith in God and in our country and the freedom to practice it. There is a growing number of cases where the freedom to practice religion in public places and to display icons based on religious beliefs in public places have come under attack; lawsuits stemming from those who object to public displays of religion (and who are now suing our government, our states, our cities, and our schools to remove all religion from public view) are occurring at an ever increasing rate.

We believe the US is under attack by those who would deny us our heritage - which since the days of our founders has been steeped in the faith of God, regardless of religious affiliation.

We encourage everyone to place crosses, star of David's, and other religious emblems on their property, in their windows, and on their cars to promote this effort.

Additional information will be available on this site. We encourage you to bookmark us and return frequently to find out how to join our movement and participate with us to promote the freedom to practice our faith in God and our nation.

Thank you and God Bless.

Thanks to Mudville Gazette and Outside The Beltway