Thursday, June 09, 2005

ACLU Suffers Loss In Cross Case

Freedom rang in the ears of the ACLU today, as a the voice of the people trumps the ACLU's judicial it should be.

A San Diego judge ruled today against an effort by an atheist to block statements in a ballot initiative that will decide the fate of the historic cross on Mt. Soledad overlooking the Pacific.

As WorldNetDaily reported, atheist Phillip Paulson, represented by the ACLU, threatened five San Diego-area personalities with legal action over the proposed wording of the July 26 voter initiative.

The five behind the Mt. Soledad initiative are KFMB radio talk-show host Rick Roberts; KOGO radio talk-show host Roger Hedgecock; San Diego Padres radio announcer Jerry Coleman, Rep. Randy Cunningham, R-Calif.; and Director Phil Thalmeimer.

Voters will be able to decide if they want to transfer the city owned site to the federal government where it would be designated as a war memorial. Paulson contends the cross should be removed because it's on government property.

An attorney for the five personalities, Charles LiMandri, said ACLU attorney Jame McElroy was visibly "not pleased with the decision of the judge."Read more at WND

It is always good news when religious liberty is upheld in our Country. It reignites hope! Bravo to this judge. However don't let your guard down. The people won this one, but we will see the ACLU attempt to destroy our religious expression again. Let's not allow them to use our money when they do.