Sunday, July 17, 2005

Show Your Faith In God And Country

When we started out Crosses aCross America, the one point that we wanted to stress and spread was for American's of all faiths to demonstrate their faith by placing symbols of their faith on their private property. We were motivated by recent legal cases in which public displays of faith were being challenged under the First Amendment establishment clause - separating church and state.

This hangs by my front door. It isn't large - it isn't in your face. It is a greeting, that is a testimony to my family's belief in God and our country. I am the daughter of a WWII veteran and a mother of a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. To our family, without God there would be no country. And without those willing to fight for that country, we would not have the freedom to believe. The two are intertwined and go back to the very beginnings of our nation, when those first pilgrims came here seeking a place where they could worship freely.

Join me please, in showing your faith. Join us here at Crosses aCross America by sending pictures of your testimony of faith and your personal story to be published on this blog.