Sunday, September 25, 2005

ACLU Backs Protesters Asking For Gays and Girls In The Boyscouts

Via, World Net Daily

A coalition of homosexual activists and atheists plan to march on a Boy Scout camp in San Diego next month demanding the organization open its membership and leadership to them.

The group Scouting For All plans to march and rally at a Boy Scout camp Oct. 9.

If that isn't enough, check out the next bit of lunacy!

Beside demanding the Boy Scouts open their ranks to practicing homosexuals and atheists, the group also apparently seeks the admission of girls to the organization.

In the past, this loony group has compared the Boy Scouts to the KKK. Support for the group is coming from the usual suspects, Hollywood, and none other than the infamous ACLU.

Institutionalized homophobia in the Scouts or in church or school is the cruelest of all," said Ian McKellan, the actor who played Gandolf in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, in an appearance for the group. "It makes life miserable for young gay people and it misleads their peers with regard to the 'truth' about gay people – that they are remarkably similar to the rest."

We all know about the ACLU's war against the Boyscouts because they stand their ground for God and Country. They've successfully barred military bases, and schools from sponsoring the BSA because they have the word God in thier pledge. Bluntly, its transparent to me that it is a grudge because the Boyscouts don't want gay scout masters camping out with young boys in the woods. And now, they are backing protesters who also want girls in the Boyscouts. Take notice, the name of the organization is "Boy"scouts. The girls have their own version called, "Girl" Scouts, and they make really great cookies. Let me see a raise of hands out there, how many parents want to send their boys camping out with girls and gay Scout masters? Oh, it doesn't really matter what the majority thinks, what the minority wants trumps the deck! And so, the war against the BSA continues.

I'm not sure what these protesters hope to accomplish. Girls in the Boyscouts is pretty silly. Can you imagine the gay scout masters passing out rainbow badges for tolerance? The BSA has stuck to its principles so far, and haven't given in an inch. I expect no less this time around either.

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